Monday, 4 April 2011

My Teacher, My Friend

“If she only has 1/10th the effect on her students as she’s had on me, she’ll be the most amazing teacher they’ve ever had.”

One of my oldest friend’s, Celia, finished her master’s program in teaching this Friday. Adam, her boyfriend of three years, threw her a surprise graduation party because the university doesn’t offer graduate ceremonies until December, which is way too long to wait to celebrate such a great accomplishment. He toasted her this evening with the words above. I don’t have to tell you that they made me teary, do I?

Even as I was helping her beautiful parents, Chuck and Evalyn, decorate and set up for this evening’s festivities, I was very aware of how many amazing people Celia is surrounded by. People who are incredibly talented artists, writers and musicians gravitate towards her. Gifted architects, engineers and craftsmen are in her incredibly large circle of friends. People would do anything for her, at any time and consider themselves privileged to be able to. It’s a testament to who she is that so many great people love her.

Celia is one of the most phenomenal women, and in fact, people, I have ever known. She loves with a pure and open heart, without fear of exposing too much of herself or expecting anything in return. She’s vivacious, passionate and intelligent. She’s firm in her convictions and accepts others who hold opposing positions and encourages their independence.

She will be an amazing teacher. I can’t imagine a truer calling for her. She has touched the lives of everyone who’s known her to this point. As a teacher, she’ll have the ability to not only touch lives, but brighten futures and build people. I am honored to count her among my best friends.

Celia, I wish you all the best as you begin your new career. I love you. You are a bright light and I am so happy that you are choosing to share even more of yourself with others.

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